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Remote Job Applications and Interviews: Tips and Tricks

As the workforce moves online in an effort to “flatten the curve” of the coronavirus, more people are applying for remote positions than ever before. Rather than sending in a resume and scheduling an in-person interview, people are learning how to network and impress employers using only a computer screen.  If you’re used to sitting…
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How To Word Your Emails to Your Tone

As email remains an extremely popular method of communication within many workplaces, it can be tricky to deliver a written message with your intended tone. Think, how would I choose to word this if our conversation were to happen face-to-face? Then, work to utilize spelling, punctuation, sentence length, opening line and sign off.  Your reader…
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Payment Plans Available For Those Out of Work Needing a Resume

If the money isn’t coming in and you still are on the hunt for a job, don’t let that stop you from getting yourself prepared for finding the job you desire and deserve. If you are out of work and know your resume/LinkedIn/cover letter needs work, I offer payment plans where if you pay a…
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Outplacement Services For Your Departing Employees

In the event you need to let someone go, we offer services for companies to assist their soon to be former employees with strategies to land on their feet. We offer packages that include resumes, interview practice, job search support, networking skills and writing of LinkedIn profiles and cover letters. Available throughout the United States…
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Make Your Hi Story More Powerful Than Your History

When you introduce yourself in an email, cover letter, or a networking setting, be brief and leave some of your information for later. I call this telling people your “hi story” instead of your history. Your first touch point should be about telling someone hi and getting them want to say hi back.

Leverage Your Use of LinkedIn in Saratoga Springs

If you are in Saratoga Springs or Malta and want to learn more about how I’ve used LinkedIn to: grow my business increase sales and  expand my network to over 15,000 connections email me at to learn some tips, hire me to work on your LinkedIn profile and/or setup a workshop for you and…
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I Don’t Live In A Big City – Now What?

So, you followed your passion and pursued design, but maybe you don’t live in one of the most popular cities for that degree like New York or San Francisco. Maybe you’re starting to lose hope. Never fear- with a background in graphic design, companies will love having your creative mind around. Some examples of jobs…
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Stand Out

Why Your Resume Isn’t Enough Sometimes when looking for a new job, binge-applying seems like a great idea. You have a clean, full resume and you start sending it off to every company that vaguely fits your ideal job description. You apply to 10, 15, maybe even 20 jobs, and you still don’t snag an…
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Making a Career Change

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a career you never intended on pursuing but don’t know how to make a switch? Believe it or not, this happens to many people and it’s possible to flip careers without additional schooling or previous experience. A career change can be drastic or small, but regardless, it has…
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Let Us Help

Have you ever found yourself in the job search, submitting your resume to job postings you think you’d be perfect for, yet never hear back from the companies? You start to question what it is you’re not doing right, and what you can change.  That’s where Career Service Station comes in. We offer services to…
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