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Why Your Resume Isn’t Enough

Sometimes when looking for a new job, binge-applying seems like a great idea. You have a clean, full resume and you start sending it off to every company that vaguely fits your ideal job description. You apply to 10, 15, maybe even 20 jobs, and you still don’t snag an interview. Why? Because just a resume isn’t enough anymore.

You Need A Cover Letter

Most companies ask for a cover letter when you are applying for a new job. Just like a resume, a cover letter can seem like something you can write once and attach it to every application. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

Cover letters should be customized to each job you’re applying for. Hiring managers want to see that applicants will be a good fit for THEIR company. Not just any company. You should be specific in your writing and appeal to certain aspects of the job description that you think you would really shine in.

Cover letters are also a great way to highlight skills and achievements that do not necessarily fit in on your resume. Maybe you really enjoy coding or blogging in your free time, but you have no professional experience in it. A cover letter is a great way to communicate your interests and non-professional skills that might be useful for the position.

You Need To Be A Good Fit

It is important that you understand what type of candidate the company is looking for when applying to a job. Research the company before applying and after snagging an interview. Its culture and values should align with your own for you to have a successful career. If you find yourself excited during your research, use that enthusiasm when writing your cover letter and in your interview. It will make you stick out as a potential candidate by forming a connection through mutual interests and values.

Additionally, you want to enjoy your work life! Say you find yourself researching a company where it is expected to robotically crank out cold calls and coworker rapport is not valued when what you really want is a career where you can be creative and use your people skills to connect with customers and coworkers. You probably do not want to pursue this job any further because you want to enjoy your time at work! Make sure you’re a good fit!

Don’t Forget to Clean Up Your Social Profiles

Most companies will search for potential candidates online prior to reaching out, so it’s crucial that your profiles show you in a positive light. Always be careful about what you are posting in photos, comments, or anything else because just as you should look for an employer with similar values, they look for professional candidates who line up with theirs.

While you should be mindful about what you post online, that does not mean you shouldn’t post anything. It is actually helpful to have an online presence for the hiring manager to get a feel for who you are. If you are applying for a marketing job, it may also showcase your talents simply by proving you can properly use different platforms.

Be A Professional

ALWAYS! When applying to a job, interviewing, and after landing the job, always be a professional. Dress the part, remember your manners, and be respectful because, in the end, managers want someone they would like to work with and who will make their company look good. Some interviewers may see several people in a day and it’s a bonus to stand out for something positive.

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