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Whether you are job hunting for the first time, or looking for a new direction in your already established career, we fix careers!

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In recent years, owner and founder Robert Braathe noticed a shift in the job application process, one that was littered with machines and algorithms created to help people in their job hunting process but was just not working as well as people would hope. He realized the problem was the lack of human interaction in the process; machines were jumping over mistakes that any person could see. The solution, having a pair of human eyes scanning through your resume, LinkedIn, etc. to make sure it is in the best shape it can be and applying that same care and attention to your resume that you would get at the local gas stations and garages long ago. Check out how we can jump-start your career and tune-up your resume!


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Career Tips

Whether you are job hunting for the first time, or looking for a new direction in your already established career, we have career tips for you that will help you fix your career!

How to Promote Yourself in an Interview Without Sounding Boastful

Mastering the art of self-promotion in interviews requires finesse and strategic communication. After reading several articles and blog posts to determine how to promote yourself during an interview without sounding[…]

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How to Maximize Your Engagement on LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn in any capacity can help to propel your career as a student or working professional. Although getting your profile set up and running is a great way to[…]

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Career Service Station Visits Troy, Schenectady and Albany High School to Talk About How to Write Effective Resumes

Robert Braathe volunteered his time to guest speak for 518ElevatED to high school students in Troy, Schenectady and Albany, NY the week of January 31st, 2023. During his LinkedIn and[…]

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Robert is a talented professional. He worked with me to market myself better and helped improve my work resume. I found him to be timely, attentive, dedicated and understanding.

Dennis Yusko

Provides great advice. Connected me with some very helpful people. Honest, straightforward, and knowledgeable over a broad spectrum of topics.

Christian Zownir

Robert is on the cutting edge with his innovative thinking and the energy to follow through with his ventures. Working with Robert stimulated my ability to think big and wide while still able to bring ideas in focus and implement them in the real world

Chris Perillo