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Robert Braathe has over 100 recommendations on LinkedIn for his work as a trainer, consultant and professor.


“Robert is a talented professional. He worked with me to market myself better and helped improve my work resume. I found him to be timely, attentive, dedicated and understanding.” Dennis Yusko

“Provides great advice. Connected me with some very helpful people. Honest, straightforward, and knowledgeable over a broad spectrum of topics.” – Christian Zownir

“Robert is an enthusiastic professional – I would recommend him to businesses seeking consulting services, or to anyone looking for career advice.” – Brianna Roy

“Robert is on the cutting edge with his innovative thinking and the energy to follow through with his ventures. Working with Robert stimulated my ability to think big and wide while still able to bring ideas in focus and implement them in the real world.” – Chris Perillo

Success StoriesĀ 

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I found a new job within a month after using the Career Service Station”Customer in Philadelphia, PA

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