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From Boston to Buffalo and beyond, Career Service Station fixes careers and finds people the jobs they desire and deserve.

Based in Saratoga Springs, NY, Robert Braathe works with clients throughout the Capital Region of New York and surrounding areas. His remote services have impacted clients by finding them their dream jobs in Albany, New York, Charlotte, Tampa, Austin, Boston, Toronto and more! Sign up for a getting to know you call at https://meetme.so/RobertBraathe and send your resume for a courtesy critique to ContactUs@CareerServiceStation.com

Career Service Station: The Origin Story

Vintage Gas Station

Owner and Founder Robert Braathe has always had a strong relationship with cars. Growing up he helped out at his uncle’s garage as well as pump gas and fix car tires at the local gas station where he met his first mentor for entrepreneurship Tom Kelly. This was around a simpler time when one would go to the local gas station to have their gas pumped by hand, where you knew and trusted everyone working at the store. Though Robert went on to pursue business endeavors outside of the auto industry, the skills he learned while working at the gas station and his uncle’s garage would always stay with him. In recent years Robert noticed a shift in the job application process, one that was littered with machines and algorithms created to help people in their job hunting process but was just not working as well as people would hope. He realized the problem was the lack of human interaction in the process; machines were jumping over mistakes that any person could see. The solution, having a pair of human eyes scanning through your resume, LinkedIn, etc. to make sure it is in the best shape it can be and applying that same care and attention to your resume that you would get at the local gas stations and garages long ago. Check out how we can jump-start your career and tune-up your resume by going to services tab on the Career Service Station site´╗┐

Robert Braathe has written and reviewed resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles for 1000’s of candidates during his time in management for Disney, Gap and Apple. Today he has taken his experience to help job seekers and career changers represent themselves better in their search for their ideal next stop.

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