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Check out the Career Service Station today; whether you are job hunting for the first time or looking for a new direction in your already established career, We Can Help!

$49 for a Career Oil Change:

Refresh on Resume or Cover Letter

$149 Career Tune-up:

Rewrite or New Resume and Cover Letter

$299 Career Overhaul:

New Resume and Cover Letter, plus a Mock Phone Interview

Custom solutions available-contact for more info

Contact us or send us an email at for a quote regarding any of our services. Turnaround time is generally within 24-48 business hours of receipt, and we will give you the opportunity for giving feedback once we send you our initial revision.

We also offer:

Transitioning Veteran Resume and Cover Letter Services: Are you a veteran looking to return to the civilian workforce, or in the active military and seeking promotion or job opportunity? The Career Service Station can write you your resume and cover letter to convert your military experience into content that translates well to civilian job openings.