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Garages Fix Cars. We Fix Careers

Will We Ever Go Back: Offices or WFH?

While going from the office to WFH (work from home) may have been a turbulent shift initially for much of the workforce, many have changed their viewpoints on the ideal work model. Employees have voiced their opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of remote work, as well as the call to return to offices. Now,…
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How To Navigate Political Differences in the Workplace

By: Ranneme Abu-Hajar It’s not shocking that the United States is still struggling with political polarization after the 2020 election with over 80% of Democrats, over 70% of Independents, and almost 70% of Republicans all agreeing that the nation is divided. Both sides of the political spectrum were also divided on the impact former President…
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Differing Opinions in the Workplace

I’ve had many opportunities to participate in broad discussions about the ever-changing landscape of the American workforce during my internship with Braathe Enterprises. Robert delved into the topic of managing conflict both in the classroom and the workplace during a recent meeting. It’s a common misconception that most, if not all conflict is bad, especially…
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Stand Out

Why Your Resume Isn’t Enough Sometimes when looking for a new job, binge-applying seems like a great idea. You have a clean, full resume and you start sending it off to every company that vaguely fits your ideal job description. You apply to 10, 15, maybe even 20 jobs, and you still don’t snag an…
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Making a Career Change

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a career you never intended on pursuing but don’t know how to make a switch? Believe it or not, this happens to many people and it’s possible to flip careers without additional schooling or previous experience. A career change can be drastic or small, but regardless, it has…
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Let Us Help

Have you ever found yourself in the job search, submitting your resume to job postings you think you’d be perfect for, yet never hear back from the companies? You start to question what it is you’re not doing right, and what you can change.  That’s where Career Service Station comes in. We offer services to…
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Video – Tips on Writing a Resume from the Career Service Station

In this 3 minute video, you will see Robert Braathe’s resume and how he formats resumes, updates his resume regularly and suggests layout and content tips for what to include on a resume. Send your resume to contactus@careerservicestation.com for a quote and resume oil change or resume tune-up.