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Garages Fix Cars. We Fix Careers

The Braathe Enterprises Virtual Internship: Building a better world one intern at a time

80 people: collectively working on Finance, HR, Marketing and Writing/Business Development projects, constantly communicating, dedicated to educating themselves. This might seem like a workplace utopia, but in reality, it describes how the Braathe Enterprises Virtual Internship (Be Your Start) functioned during the summer of 2021. Even amidst one of the worst pandemics in history, these…
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Washington, D.C.: Bursting with Tech Talent

Along with the educational opportunities in the nation’s capital mentioned in the previous article, Washington D.C. also offers many job opportunities to residents and businesses, including an expansive tech playing field. It’s no wonder blog and social network Built In remarks, “It would be a mistake to overlook the meteoric rise of Washington’s tech and startup…
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Washington, D.C.: A Mélange of Educational Opportunities

Washington, D.C. is an exceptional city for education, from elementary school students to undergraduates looking for internships for the fall. Being surrounded by local prestigious colleges like American University and Howard University, plus the fact that D.C. “boasts one of the most educated populations in the country with nearly 50 percent of its residents obtaining…
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Radio is Dying

By: Leah Howard Ever since I was a kid, the sounds of the radio have filled my house. My parents are frequent radio listeners, and I sometimes forget that radio is still a form of entertainment, at least until I move back in with them for extended periods of time.  The fact is, however, radio…
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Need Help Applying for Jobs? Turn to The Career Service Station

We know how laborious it can seem to submit your application to a variety of jobs when they don’t use a common application system. Let The Career Service Station handle your job application needs. Send us your resume, and a list of jobs you are interested in applying for, and we will handle the rest.…
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Transitioning Veteran Resume and Cover Letter Services

Are you a veteran looking to return to the civilian workforce, or in the active military and seeking a promotion or job opportunity? The Career Service Station can write you your resume and cover letter to convert your military experience into content that translates well to civilian job openings. Send us your resume and/or cover…
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How To Write an Engaging Cover Letter from The Career Service Station

In this video, Robert Braathe describes how to write a punchy, memorable cover letter that gets attention, generates interest, creates desire and shows your desire, and encourages action from employers using the AIDA model.

Video – Tips on Writing a Resume from the Career Service Station

In this 3 minute video, you will see Robert Braathe’s resume and how he formats resumes, updates his resume regularly and suggests layout and content tips for what to include on a resume. Send your resume to for a quote and resume oil change or resume tune-up.

Don’t Let Your GPA Get In Your Way on Your Resume

I’m asked often by my students whether or not they should put their GPA on their resume. My answer is always NO!!!! For example, let’s say you are going up against a candidate with very similar skill sets and experience, but they have a 3.4 and you have a 3.3. If all else is equal,…
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Why a Cover Letter Needs AIDA

I teach my students and clients about AIDA Attention – Desire – Interest – Action and tell them they need to incorporate this methodology in everything they write. Let me write you an AIDA letter for your next job search or client outreach.