How To Word Your Emails to Your Tone

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How To Word Your Emails to Your Tone

As email remains an extremely popular method of communication within many workplaces, it can be tricky to deliver a written message with your intended tone. Think, how would I choose to word this if our conversation were to happen face-to-face? Then, work to utilize spelling, punctuation, sentence length, opening line and sign off. 

Your reader cannot hear the pitch, volume or gentleness in your voice, nor can they see your facial expressions. You must overcompensate this obstacle with your word choice; for example, when trying to schedule a meeting with a colleague writing, “I need to speak with you.” try “Sometime later today, can we set up a meeting? Thank you!” this way you sound inviting rather than intimidating. 

It is important to remember who you’re talking to. Is this email going to your co-worker pal two cubicles over, or is it going to your supervisor? Adjust your wording accordingly. For your superior, instead of opening with “Hey” use “Hello” or “Good Afternoon”. This adds professionalism and implies a respectful tone. 

Do not type in all caps, NO ONE LIKES TO BE YELLED AT. 

Avoid using emojis or text lingo such as LOL, OMG, etc. and keep punctuation to a minimum, only use one exclamation point, you don’t need three!!!

Finally, know when to make a phone call or have this conversation in person. 

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