Author: Alexa T

Garages Fix Cars. We Fix Careers

Keeping the kids occupied while working remotely

We all remember this moment: a BBC news interview turned viral after a little girl kicked open her dad’s office door and marched into view. It was a hilarious and adorable moment that every parent could relate to. But, when your home becomes the new office, incidents like this may not always be so cute.…
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Keeping Healthy Habits While Working from Home

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a stressful year, to say the least. Everyone deals with stress in their own way but during lockdown, it’s more important than ever to stick to healthy habits. Physical and mental health should be priority number one.  While you work from home here are some things to keep…
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Separating work from home— from home

As our kitchen tables become our new cubicles home and work loses the barrier of our commute home it becomes harder and harder to determine where your workday ends. It becomes obligational in a sense: ‘If I’m home, and I can’t really go anywhere else, I might as well work.” Although at this point, it…
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Remote Job Applications and Interviews: Tips and Tricks

As the workforce moves online in an effort to “flatten the curve” of the coronavirus, more people are applying for remote positions than ever before. Rather than sending in a resume and scheduling an in-person interview, people are learning how to network and impress employers using only a computer screen.  If you’re used to sitting…
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How To Word Your Emails to Your Tone

As email remains an extremely popular method of communication within many workplaces, it can be tricky to deliver a written message with your intended tone. Think, how would I choose to word this if our conversation were to happen face-to-face? Then, work to utilize spelling, punctuation, sentence length, opening line and sign off.  Your reader…
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