Remote Job Applications and Interviews: Tips and Tricks

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Remote Job Applications and Interviews: Tips and Tricks

As the workforce moves online in an effort to “flatten the curve” of the coronavirus, more people are applying for remote positions than ever before. Rather than sending in a resume and scheduling an in-person interview, people are learning how to network and impress employers using only a computer screen. 

If you’re used to sitting across a desk from a potential employer, hoping to win them over with a firm handshake and a snazzy business suit, here are some tips and tricks for online job applications and virtual interviews: 

Work Smarter Not Harder

Finding the right position that fits your interest and is available can already be a challenging task, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when looking for a job within your qualifications that also can be done completely from home. Luckily, there are multiple websites that specifically list remote employment. Rather than starting with a vague Google search, here are several remote job sites that can match you with the perfect virtual position.  

JustRemote:  This site asks its reader three questions— What is your preferred field? Permanent or Contract? What country would you like this position to originate from? With those answers, JustRemote matches employees with their perfect remote position. Even better, you can sign up for an updated weekly newsletter informing you of the latest job listings within your interest. 

SolidGigs: This site prides itself on the ability to do all the hard for you during the job search process. SolidGigs can update you daily on new listings hand-picked for your preferences. Weeding out the fluff positions is the main priority to SolidGigs. 

VirtualVocations: This job service not only connects employees to remote positions, it also acts as a personal job search planner. VirtualVocations reminds you of the positions you’ve applied for and allows employees to save jobs they’re interested in with attached notes to better the organizing process. The site also gives access to their Telecommuting Handbook, the first-step guide for new remote workers. 

Make sure to look for positions that are actually manageable. For example, while living and working remotely in NJ, you may not want to take a job that requires you to review the best hot dog stands in Chicago. Although it may not have you reporting to an office, doesn’t mean this position is meant for everyone. Pay attention to time differences, too. If you’re living in California it might be difficult to work according to British Summer Time (London’s Time Zone). 

Online Interview Etiquette 

An interview is still an interview, even if it takes place over Skype, at your kitchen or coffee table. Make yourself presentable! Consider running a comb through your hair, washing your face, and wear clothing indicative of the position you’re applying for. Change out of that t-shirt, stained with last night’s spaghetti sauce, and into something that represents who you are professional and makes you feel confident. Make sure you’re presentable from top to bottom— you may think you could get away with grooming just the top-half of yourself but the tone of your interview might change when your camera angle is showing the cookie monster pajama bottoms you’ve paired with a blazer. 

And, finally, look for a place to sit that has a neutral background and is almost completely noise-free. Before your interview familiarizes yourself with the communication platform this interview will utilize. Trying to download or log-in one minute before your meeting time is extra stress that you don’t need. 

This is an unpreceded event for the workforce. Everyone is still learning how best to carry on with their career. Teleworking is indeed a challenge, but luckily there are many sources available to make this change just a little less scary. 

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