Tips to Stay Grounded Amidst the Holiday Chaos (Part 2)

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Tips to Stay Grounded Amidst the Holiday Chaos (Part 2)

Last week I discussed two tips that I found helpful for staying grounded during the end of the semester, and holiday seasons. As we step into this new year, I realized how beneficial these tips can be during a time of vast change. Whenever the year restarts, a lot of individuals take this time to set goals and try transform into better versions of themselves. Below are two more tips to help ground while the new year begins.

Tip #3: You have more time than you think 

It is effortless to get distracted and wrapped up in the chaos over the world. It is easy to believe you are behind the curve or not doing enough with instant access to news from technology. This idea is the furthest thing from the truth. Take every task in bite-sized portions and think, “progress, not perfection.” Rather than focusing on one project for hours at a time, allot 30-45 minutes of work and put it down for the day or take a break. Blocking off time like teachers would in elementary school has helped me refocus and understand that I don’t need to complete everything in one sitting. It is also essential to keep a positive mindset throughout the day. Change your perspective and vocabulary from ‘busy’ to ‘productive.’ Thinking “I get to…” rather than “I have to….” 

Tip #4: Treat Yourself 

As mentioned in Christie Chen’s series from October, doing one thing you love, big or small, can significantly benefit one’s mood. An article produced by FCR explains research shows that “frequent self-care contributes to less stress. It also benefits better physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being”. Whether stopping for a coffee before starting your day or taking a Yin Vinyasa Flow to end your night, do something rewarding weekly. Set a goal, and once achieved, get that steak dinner. Take the extra hour to hike because at the end of the day, if your mental and emotional health is not at its prime, the fatigue will quickly take over. 

Mastering these skills takes time and a lot of effort. It is easy to become overwhelmed. Take it in bite-sized chunks and focus on only 1-2 habit changes at a time. Comment some of your tips and tricks on how to stay on top of tasks during the new year!

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