Tips to Stay Grounded Amidst the Holiday Chaos (Part 1)

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Tips to Stay Grounded Amidst the Holiday Chaos (Part 1)

By: Jasmine Riggs

As I continue to embrace young adulthood, I recognize how overwhelming life can be. Especially as the last quarter of the year plays out, I notice fatigue growing. It is almost daunting thinking about all the tasks that need completion and maintaining a sense of grounding. I found myself spiraling and drowning in uncompleted assignments and expectations towards the end of the semester. Below are some tips I found helpful to stay grounded as the end-of-year deadlines approach. 

Tip #1: Get Fresh Air/ Be Active

Taking walking breaks is excellent for your mind and body. It can aid in concentration, increase creativity, and boost your mood. Even short little walks can significantly improve your physical health; all you need is ten to twenty minutes to change your perspective. You are allowing yourself to refocus and energize throughout the day.

Tip #2: See or Talk to a Friend 

When I am becoming very overwhelmed, it is beneficial to take twenty minutes to an hour to step away from the screen and talk to a friend or family member. Not only does this allow you to vent and relinquish some of the weight holding you back, but it gives you a break from work responsibilities. During these calls, it is a time to be vulnerable and genuinely lean into your support systems, which is very important to stay grounded. Being vulnerable usually gives way that you are not alone. It also validates the feelings of stress one may encounter. I will call my best friend from home or a family member during this time. These talks give me clarity and remind me how strong and capable I am, and also that it’s going to work itself out. Sometimes all we need to reinforce feeling grounded is the reminder that someone sees you, is rooting for you, and is there for you.

Mastering these skills takes time and a lot of effort. It is easy to become overwhelmed. Take it in bite-sized chunks and focus on only 1-2 habit changes at a time. Comment some of your tips and tricks on how to stay on top of tasks during the holiday season!

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