Data Analytics Skyrocketing

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Data Analytics Skyrocketing

Throughout 2020, data analytics has skyrocketed, and more companies are using it now more than ever before. The question is why is this becoming the trend?  According to an article, What Data Analytics Will Look Like in 2021 – And How to Capitalize on It,  companies are attempting to keep track of their own data, rather than having third parties keep track of the data for them.  

This past year was a year of workforce disruption. However, there is hope that 2021 will be the year that we can recover from those disruptions, and by doing so, businesses will not only start collecting their own data but will take that data and put it into action. This will raise the dependency on data analytics rather than the consuming one-time report that companies need and use to keep up with how fast the market changes.

Another huge thing that has come to light is the idea that the lines between IT and other departments in businesses will blur. In the article What Data Analytics Will Look Like in 2021 – And How to Capitalize on It, the author states that “areas like data governance, data literacy, open data platforms, integration and utilization of data in different parts of the enterprise will enable business users to perform tasks traditionally reserved for IT teams” and the data businesses use will feed into the platforms IT manages.  

Overall, data analytics seems to be rising and consuming businesses and changing how they operate.  As well, IT and other departments will blur within the next year or two.  

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