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How to Eliminate Zoom Fatigue

After utilizing Zoom for my classes and meetings for over a year now, I find it can be tiring to open up my laptop, sit at my desk, and go through hours of Zoom meetings everyday. The effects of online work can range from mental exhaustion to physical symptoms like headaches, muscle pain, and eye…
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Digital Transformation and Agile Teams

Agility: the ability to adapt quickly to changes and use our knowledge from the past correctly on a topic that we do not have experience with.  With an agile team, agile leader, and agile organization, we can go beyond the boundaries of our perspectives. We can create team-based structures where different competencies come together in…
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Data Analytics Skyrocketing

Throughout 2020, data analytics has skyrocketed, and more companies are using it now more than ever before. The question is why is this becoming the trend?  According to an article, What Data Analytics Will Look Like in 2021 – And How to Capitalize on It,  companies are attempting to keep track of their own data,…
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How to Manage Remote Employees

Management of a remote team is a very important issue because companies are more focused on remote work during COVID-19. Both the public and private sectors were forced to adopt the remote working model, and many companies were unprepared for this situation. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages that remote work brings. The…
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Three Expectations for 2021

2021 has emerged with new trends, challenges, and opportunities for working professionals. It is important to know what to expect as a worker navigating the labor market this year. This article discusses three expectations professionals should keep in mind for 2021. Expect a change in benefits and total rewards plans. As a result of the…
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