How to Make Training an Ongoing Process within an Internship

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How to Make Training an Ongoing Process within an Internship

Training from the start of an internship is essential, it is also equally necessary for interns to continually improve themselves and gain as much as they can before their internship ends. These training methods below will help to increase the consistency of preparation for interns during their internship. 

Set up Weekly Learning Goals

It’s important to make sure that an intern’s top priority is to increase their professional knowledge and gain valuable experience within their field. Setting up learning goals for every week of an internship program ensures that there is always an aim set for improvement and that interns can strive for that will last until the very end. Have these learning goals tie into projects and assignments that they are given for each week. 


Gamification is based on incentivizing people’s engagement in doing work-related assignments by using game-based activities. This can be a very valuable tool, mainly when applied to long-term training. For example, creating a monthly game-based training method for interns. Giving them scenarios of potential situations that can occur in their field allows them to develop creative ways to problem-solve and create fresh, innovative ideas for implementation. 

Conduct Intern Surveys

Intern surveys can be a precious tool aiding in their success. Conducting intern surveys provides an opportunity for employers to learn more about how they are progressing. This method is also beneficial because it outlines the quality of experience interns have during the internship. Having several of these intern surveys done throughout the internship can also clarify issues or problems they may be experiencing.

Exit Interviews

After the internship ends for an individual, it is helpful to conduct an exit interview. This type of interview is valuable because it allows interns to give feedback on their personal internship experience. It also gives interns the chance to express any thoughts or ideas that could improve the overall internship experience.

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