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How to write a 5-7 page paper in under 90 minutes

Writing a successful paper on a time crunch is a skill that is helpful to all students, regardless of major or education level. Whether you procrastinate to the last moment, have a timed paper you need to do in class, or want to get an essay out of your way, writing a paper in under…
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Top Tips from BE’s Writing Team

Today, we’re excited to share a collaboration between four members of the Braathe Enterprises writing team: Alexis Carriere, Amber Nathan, Amy Guo, and Neela Gilbert. (For more information on each intern, check out our Instagram and Facebook at @CareerServiceStation)!  Each member has contributed two tips for better writing. Check them out below. Amber Nathan  I…
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Washington, D.C.: Bursting with Tech Talent

Along with the educational opportunities in the nation’s capital mentioned in the previous article, Washington D.C. also offers many job opportunities to residents and businesses, including an expansive tech playing field. It’s no wonder blog and social network Built In remarks, “It would be a mistake to overlook the meteoric rise of Washington’s tech and startup…
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Washington, D.C.: A Mélange of Educational Opportunities

Washington, D.C. is an exceptional city for education, from elementary school students to undergraduates looking for internships for the fall. Being surrounded by local prestigious colleges like American University and Howard University, plus the fact that D.C. “boasts one of the most educated populations in the country with nearly 50 percent of its residents obtaining…
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Advice from a “BE Alum”

By: Leah Howard If there has been anything I’ve learned during my time at Braathe Enterprises, it can be boiled down into five words: take initiative and work independently.  If you do not take charge of your precious time and just wait for something to come your way, you’ll be waiting a long while. Connect…
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4 Simple Practices to Have a Productive Day Working From Home

Since the pandemic began, we conduct everything from school to work online, which causes demotivation for most of us. Some may have found staying at home and working online ideal at first, as it removed worries like preparing for and commuting to a job. But after a period of time, those initial excitements gradually faded.…
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Find a New Job with A New Resume in 2020 and Pay the Balance in 2021

If money is tight but you want to make things right with your career, check out my special offer for October 2020: Resume Writing / LinkedIn Profile Special: Pay a $49 deposit on any resume rewrite or LinkedIn profile package and pay your balance due in January or February 2021 for a free quote…
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Payment Plans Available For Those Out of Work Needing a Resume

If the money isn’t coming in and you still are on the hunt for a job, don’t let that stop you from getting yourself prepared for finding the job you desire and deserve. If you are out of work and know your resume/LinkedIn/cover letter needs work, I offer payment plans where if you pay a…
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Outplacement Services For Your Departing Employees

In the event you need to let someone go, we offer services for companies to assist their soon to be former employees with strategies to land on their feet. We offer packages that include resumes, interview practice, job search support, networking skills and writing of LinkedIn profiles and cover letters. Available throughout the United States…
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Make Your Hi Story More Powerful Than Your History

When you introduce yourself in an email, cover letter, or a networking setting, be brief and leave some of your information for later. I call this telling people your “hi story” instead of your history. Your first touch point should be about telling someone hi and getting them want to say hi back.