Garages Fix Cars. We Fix Careers


People change careers all the time when they feel that their job is not fitting for them. It is important to not just stay in your career because of the money aspect, but rather it be something you love doing. 

When you come to the conclusion that the career you are in is just not right for you, you need to figure out why that is. This can help for future jobs to not share the same traits as your previous one had. 

Before you go ahead and just start applying to many jobs daily, make sure you have your resume looked at by a professional. Now, this is where the Career Service Station comes into play. To perfect your resume and LinkedIn profile, have them both scanned by human eyes. Taking this step into a new career can save you the trouble from getting denied certain positions and jobs that you hoped were in your future. 

Changing careers can be very scary at first because individuals will contemplate if they are making the right decision or not. In order to succeed in happiness you should be doing something everyday that makes you love what you do, and supplies you with the motivation you need to keep going. 

Take the risk because what is life without some. Take the risk because you never know where you may end up; happier and in a better mental state.


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