How to Know It’s Time to Leave Your Job

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How to Know It’s Time to Leave Your Job

Regardless of what your job position is, there will undeniably be a point in your career where you wonder whether it’s time to leave your job. Sometimes, these considerations stem from feeling bored at work, a toxic work environment, an impulsive desire to switch careers, and many other factors. Because switching jobs is not something to take lightly, an individual considering a job switch should ask themselves the following questions:

1) Am I growing in this position?

Oftentimes, people start to consider leaving their jobs when they feel drained and that their days look the same every day. A full work week with repetitive tasks can make the individual feel that there is little growth opportunity in their current position. However, because leaving a job is a significant shift, it is crucial to examine alternative options before resigning. A way to do so is to ask managers or a person of leadership for different projects or ask to speak about changes that can be made to the current work environment.

2) Are you avoiding tasks and dread going to work?

Few people actively look forward to going to work but if you are constantly dreading going to work or finding any way to avoid tasks, it might be a sign to take time to consider your desires, goals, and your current job. Even a dream career can start becoming exhausting and cause burnouts, so take the time to reflect on how you truly feel about your current job. Is this job helping you achieve your goals? Is this job something that you are truly passionate about? While work is not the most important part of life by any means, it does take up a lot of the average person’s life, so having a job that enriches your life and encourages curiosity and growth is crucial.

3) Is your workplace toxic?

Workplaces are one of the most important factors to consider when thinking about leaving your current job. Think about how you view management, your colleagues, and your job’s demands. Consider what the job requires and how you prefer to work. Does your job require fast-paced collaborative decisions when you prefer a remote independent position? Working in an environment where you feel berated and undervalued is a sign that it may be time to leave your job. If you dread going to work because of a coworker, it may be worth communicating openly with your manager before looking at career switches. In any case, honest and clear communication will help you throughout your career journey as you advocate for your needs and ideas.

Whether you’re experienced in your current position, a new college graduate, or an aspiring individual hoping to switch career paths, Career Service Station can help you get your dream job that you desire and deserve.

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