Tips for Succeeding in Life Everyone Should Know

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Tips for Succeeding in Life Everyone Should Know

I have a lot going on in my life. I’m planning my wedding, working retail part-time, finishing my bachelor’s degree, and doing freelance writing. As I’ve reflected on what’s brought me where I am today, I think I see a pattern of behavior I can share with others. Here are the tips I think everyone should know about succeeding in life:

Amber’s Top Five Tips For Success

1. Learn Responsibility Early

Often, habits built up from a young age trail you as you grow older. If you’ve always missed school assignments, skipped school, and shown up late to everything, you’re likely to continue doing so. However, as you get older, consequences worsen. A lost shift may mean a lost job, then a lost home, and so on. Learn responsibility early in life. Turn in your assignments by deadline, show up to appointments on time, and build up good habits while you’re young.

2. Start Working When You Can

You don’t want to graduate college or apply for a full-time job with zero work experience. Start working as soon as you’re able. Plenty of part-time jobs and internships are available for high schoolers and college students. I worked my first retail job at 16, and it helped me move on to bigger opportunities later.

3. Network, Network, Network

Wherever you go, network. You can network as early as high school professionally. Connect with your teachers and classmates on LinkedIn and seek opportunities as they come. In college, connect with your professors and other students. I still reach out to my professors for recommendations and reviews for my writing. If you’re unsure how to network, check out my post here.

4. Learn From Your Mistakes

Life is like a science experiment. You have to fail a bunch of times before you reach a breakthrough. As a scientist would, document your mistakes for future learning, but don’t shame yourself. Mistakes are how you grow. No one does everything right all the time, and that’s okay. You’re human. Be gentle with yourself. See mistakes as lessons, not failures. But also be sure not to repeat the same mistakes.

5. Keep Going, No Matter What

You need to have set goals in life, and then you must strive to reach them no matter what comes your way. Once you’ve determined your end goals, plan your path accordingly. Detours may appear, such as an injury or financial setback, but you have to follow through and get back on the desired path eventually. Travel along the detour as long as you have to, but don’t give up.

Sometimes, you may have to adapt or change goals, and that’s okay too. Adaptability is also an important skill. However, adapting and innovating don’t mean quitting.

Final Thoughts

Life is a chaotic mess of good times and bad. However, it’s up to us to take responsibility for our lives and live them as best we can. Hopefully, these tips can help you succeed in life.

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