How Your Social Media Presence Affects the Hiring Process

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How Your Social Media Presence Affects the Hiring Process

Today, you can access nearly anyone’s personal information online, from likes and dislikes to political beliefs. But job hunters beware—as social media increases in popularity, employers have found it a useful tool for screening clients. If your social media presence portrays an unprofessional image, potential employers may throw out your application. Here are five mistakes to avoid on social media when searching for a job:

Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media as a Future Employee

1. Derogatory or Mean Posts

It’s easy to use social media to last out at others. You’re in a bad mood, so you pull out your phone and shoot off a nasty message. Suddenly, it’s public. If employers stumble across it, they’re likely to assume you’re both unprofessional and unkind. Avoid posting derogatory content on social media. This content doesn’t become a mature adult entering the working world.

2. Photos and Posts About Drug and Alcohol Consumption

Employers don’t want to see a photo of you with a joint dangling from your lips or surrounded by ten beer bottles. They don’t want to see a paragraph about how high or hammered you are. While what you do in your spare time is your business, it becomes others’ once you post public content. You should market yourself as a responsible, dependable individual, not a party animal.

3. Scandalous Photos

If you’re showing too much skin on social media, it’s time to stop. Employers frown upon scandalous photos like nudes, and you can’t blame them. Employers want workers who will maintain the company image, and they don’t want to associate with someone who portrays themselves inappropriately.

4. Complaints About Previous Employers or Customers

Complaining about previous employees and customers on social media doesn’t make them look bad; instead, it reflects poorly on you. What you rant to a friend over a lunch date is not what you post publicly. Company representatives don’t want to risk their reputation being tarnished by rogue employees, and they’ll view negative posts about previous employers as a red flag. How can they trust you won’t turn on them publicly if you have a track record of doing so?

5. Poor Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

While social media posts tend to be casual, with users spouting off acronyms and leaving out proper punctuation, this type of communication is inappropriate for those seeking a job. If you must post on social media, make sure you’re running it through a spellchecker and grammar editor. You should show employers you’re capable of communicating within a professional environment.

Bonus Tip for Social Media

You can leverage social media to your advantage. By developing an expert persona, creating an online portfolio showcasing your work, and garnering positive recommendations from previous employers, you’ll increase your hiring chances. Here at the Career Service Station, we can help you develop or polish your professional presence online. Book a call with career expert Robert Braathe today to see how we can assist you!


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