Tips for Successful Interviews

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Tips for Successful Interviews

The key to a successful interview is preparing ahead of time. If you’re reading this article, you’re already on the path to a great interaction with your potential employer. Here are seven useful interview tips:

Prepare Ahead of Time

Before you apply for a job, research the company and ensure you’re a good fit. You should explore potential employers’ websites and social media. If you can’t find enough information to determine whether you’re right for the job, make a list of questions to ask during the interview. Employers expect candidates to have at least basic knowledge of the company and what it does when interviewing. Interviewees who arrive without performing preliminary research stand out—in a bad way.

It’s also important to find a list of commonly asked interview questions and rehearse your responses aloud. Rehearsing with a friend can be helpful because you can receive feedback about your answers ahead of time.

Be Punctual, or Even Better—Early!

Arriving late to an interview is unacceptable. It’s best practice to arrive 10-15 minutes early. This gives you a chance to observe your potential work environment and gather information for more questions.

Bring the Right Materials

You should bring a notebook and pen, a portfolio of your work, and copies of your resume. You should have five copies of your resume, minimum, in case you have multiple interviewers.

Be Aware of Your Nonverbal Communication

When you walk and sit, make sure you’re demonstrating good posture. If you need to shake hands, use a good, firm grip. And finally, make sure you smile!

Don’t Ramble

Answer questions concisely and accurately. Do not waste time on personal stories or repeat yourself.

Demonstrate a Willingness to Learn

If an interviewer asks whether you possess a specific skill, it’s okay to answer truthfully and say no. But you should always respond by saying you’re willing to learn that skill. When appropriate, share a time when you took steps to learn something you didn’t know before. 

Be Genuine

Don’t put on airs. Show your true self to your employers and let your personality shine through. No two personalities are the same, so you stand out as unique just by being yourself.

Final Thoughts on Interviewing

Job interviews cause job candidates a lot of anxiety, but they don’t have to. If you prepare ahead of time, you’re already on the path to success. So what are you waiting for? Put these tips into action, be confident in yourself, and wow your interviewer.

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