The Importance of Creativity in the Workplace

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The Importance of Creativity in the Workplace

Creativity is not just for artists and novelists. To succeed in the business world, you must also be creative, according to Forbes. Whether you need to craft an engaging resume, think outside the box for event promotion, or pivot careers, innovation and imagination are your allies.

Six Benefits of Creativity in the Workplace

1. Creativity promotes problem-solving.

Problem-solving is one of the most important aspects of any job, whether you are a retail worker or an entrepreneur. The problem can be as simple as appeasing a customer’s anger or as hard as gaining funding for a startup. It doesn’t matter. Problem-solving is useful in all situations.

2. Creativity minimizes stress.

The less stressed you are, the better you think. Reducing stress is not only part of a healthy lifestyle but a successful career.

3. Creativity leads to innovative ideas.

Without creativity, we would not have the light bulb or the automobile. Creativity is often seen as whimsical or useless, but imagination and a belief in the fantastical help inventors produce new ideas and advance society.

4. Creativity improves focus.

In our media-inundated world, focus is a needed and rare commodity. A study by Microsoft found the average person’s attention span is eight seconds. You will be ahead of many workers if you boost your attention span, resulting in higher productivity.

5. Creativity encourages teamwork.

Creativity brings people together. Building and fostering connections with others in the workplace stimulates better teamwork and collaboration.

6. Creativity enhances your resume.

A paragraph in your resume about how your creative solution to a problem resulted in a successful event, more customers, or greater revenue stands out to employers. Creative problem-solvers are a must for any team.

How to Become More Creative

Activities like playing an instrument, doodling, and writing stimulate creativity. It’s a good practice to engage in at least one creative activity per day. For instance, you might try drawing before you start the workday or writing fiction during your lunch break. Find the times and activities that work best for you and stick with them.

Why You Should Take Creativity Seriously

Mid-pandemic, creativity is more important than ever as businesses change direction and develop solutions for unanticipated setbacks. To retain your value as a worker, you should exercise and nurture your creativity. The possibilities of having a creative mind are endless, and I guarantee you’ll find inventiveness and originality make your career more rewarding. Employers like workers who think outside the box, and employees respect leaders who lead with imagination.

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