Resume Writing in Saratoga Springs (or A Day In the Life of a Resume Writer)

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Resume Writing in Saratoga Springs (or A Day In the Life of a Resume Writer)

I’ve lived in Saratoga Springs since 2008, and although the days often may seem the same, I’ve found the 13+ years I’ve lived here to be among my most productive and enjoyable.

Whether it be my favorite breakfast sandwich, the Avocado Egg and Cheese on an English Muffin I have a few days a week at Saratoga Coffee Traders or my frequent visits to Spring Street Deli for a quesadilla, slice of pizza or Dale Romans, my days of writing resumes, teaching college classes remotely or enjoying a day off are always full of great dining experiences.

I also get to enjoy a very walkable city where I often go on 20-30 minute walks a few times a day 9 months out of the year and more frequent shorter walks when the temps drop below 40. I love seeing the dog walkers, the neighbors, or just enjoy some quiet time reflecting on what I will write next.

As for my work environment itself, I work mostly on my iMac to do most of my writing, but when I get out of the house, I use my MacBook Pro and work from Uncommon Grounds here in Saratoga Springs. I also have the pleasure of having a deck in front of my 3rd floor apartment and one on the ground floor near my entrance which make great outdoor work places when I want to mix it up a bit.

What is your city like? Do you like working where you live and living where you work? For me, Saratoga Springs is a great match for my life as a professor and as a resume writer and LinkedIn profile manager.

Do you want to find the job you desire and deserve? Let’s talk. You can setup a call at or email me your resume or other career documents to for a courtesy review.

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