Organization, Organization, Organization

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Organization, Organization, Organization

It’s important to stay organized in life as well as the workplace. Staying organized helps increase productivity, improve relationships, and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. Here are some tips for better organization. 

Make a Weekly Plan

Manifesting one’s goals and taking time to think about scheduling for an upcoming week is essential to proper organization. It can also help you get the “bigger picture,” if you will, of what your week will look like and what needs to be achieved. 

Make a Daily Plan

Daily to-do lists are a great way to conquer everything on your plate. Try prioritizing your tasks from most urgent to those that are more flexible.

Silence Your Phone

Easier said than done. Simply put, phone use can be a distraction that decreases productivity. If you are having trouble staying on task, try setting a timer in which you try to complete a task during the duration it is on. 

Make Time for Organization

You can’t remain organized if you don’t plan for it. Set aside time each week to review your goals, schedule, and think about your priorities. You’ll thank yourself later. 


Take yourself off that email chain you’ve been meaning to do forever. While you’re at it, take time to clean up your social media and personal camera roll. 

Build a Routine

If you do it daily, it will become natural. 

Practice Consistency 

Every day isn’t perfect. But try to remain consistent with your behaviors and goals to lead to a happy, healthy life and work environment. This doesn’t mean to disregard flexibility – life happens! 

Schedule Social Activities

Just how you schedule meetings, make time for meet-ups with friends and activities you enjoy. Pleasure should always be a priority! 

3 of the Best Organization Apps:

Todoist – To-Do List App

Microsoft To-Do – To-Do List App

Jour – Journaling, Mental health, and Organization


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