How to Find a Job You Desire and Deserve

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How to Find a Job You Desire and Deserve

Are you having a tough time finding your next job? It may be your resume. Here is a common critique I send clients when they aren’t getting responses or are getting auto-rejected.

Here’s what Robert Braathe and the Career Service Station improve your resume:

1. Start with a stronger summary. 3-5 sentence fragments maximum describing what you’ve done and what you’d like to do. When building your summary, avoid filler words like results-driven, professional, motivated, successful and proven track record. Remove other filler words: constantly, ability.

2. Create an achievements section below that with your top 4-6 measurable or memorable results and/or key impacts you made in your jobs.

3. Avoid and/or remove filler words: all, as needed and overuse of words: provided and served.

4. Remove colors, italics, lines, symbols, mixed fonts, shading, tabbed spacing/columns and enabled hyperlinks. These issues can prevent you from being viewed on Applicant Tracking Systems. 

5. Every role should be formatted as 

Job Title in Bold, Company, City, State, MM/YYYY-MM/YYYY (all in standard font). Have 3-6 bullet points under each job with a single line description of responsibilities/duties. All bullet points should start with verbs.

6. Create an education and training section below experience with your top 4-6 classes related to what you want to do next. GPA should never be on a resume. If the employers actually care about grades, they will ask about them on a job application.

7. Create a more detailed skills section at the bottom, breaking out into your career field skills, software/tech skills and soft skills.

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