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Waiting Your Turn – Positivity (Part 3)

Throughout the first two parts of my blog post series “Waiting Your Turn – Positivity”, I have constantly emphasized the importance of a positive mindset. However, like many things, it is easier said than done. Often, when you are frustrated or upset, your mind heads straight to pessimism and you are likely stuck in a…
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Waiting Your Turn – Positivity (Part 2)

A positive attitude is the key to keeping good relationships with those in the workplace. As I had learned in my previous blog post, optimism will pay off at the end of the day, even on the basketball court. By developing and maintaining good relationships through a positive attitude, you will make the workplace more…
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Waiting Your Turn: Positivity

I’ve played basketball all my life. It has been the one constant in my life since I was merely six years old. After returning from a successful sophomore year on my high school basketball team — making the varsity team and becoming a starter — I was looking forward to my junior year. I was…
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