Setting Yourself Apart from Other Applicants to Find a Job or Internship as a Student by Sofia Ferrucci

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Setting Yourself Apart from Other Applicants to Find a Job or Internship as a Student by Sofia Ferrucci

The current job and internship market has left many undergraduate and graduate students feeling helpless in the battle against AI application readers and a lack of a humanistic approach to viewing applications. One of the primary reasons for this challenging landscape is the lingering effects of Covid-19, which has altered the way businesses operate. Many companies in the United States have adopted the remote work models and reevaluated their workforce needs. In result, the pool of available positions has shrunk, simultaneously increasing competition. In addition to the remaining effects of Covid-19, economic volatility has contributed to hiring freezes and budget cuts across many industries. Uncertainty about the future has made businesses cautious about expanding their workforce, leading to a slower pace of hiring. 

Although it can seem tedious and repetitive, it is crucial to adopt strategies to set yourself apart from the competition when applying to jobs or internships: 

  1. Tailor Your Applications: By individualizing your resume and cover letters for each position, you present your relevant skills, experiences, and achievements that best align with the job or internship requirements. 
  2. Networking Effectively: By using and consistently updating networking platforms such as LinkedIn and Handshake, you are able to broaden your outreach of professionals in your desired field. It is crucial to attend networking events, both online and in person, so that you can sustain these connections and form a relationship with potential employers. 
  3. Upskill and Reskill: It is vital to invest in continuous learning and development to remain relevant in a rapidly changing job market. Taking the time to pursue new certifications (ie. on LinkedIn), learning specialized skills through projects, and pursuing educational resources will enhance your qualifications on your resume. 
  4. Seel Feedback and Iterate: Asking for feedback from mentors, peers, or professionals such as Career Service Station, will refine your application materials and interview skills. In order to differentiate yourself from competitors, it is important to constantly iterate and improve your materials to increase your chances of receiving an offer for interviews. 

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